Archie Nesbitt currently holds over 90 world bow hunting records


Archie was raised in the back woods of North America where hunting and fishing was a way of life. His grandfather gave him his first bow when he was only 15 years old and the pursuit of trophy white tailed deer then became his passion. "My dad was a pioneer of the North… growing up in the mineral exploration business, I had the opportunity to hunt


in places never before and never again hunted by humans."


"Animals were food but they also were not afraid of humans, so archery added the missing challenge that I needed." After finishing school Archie moved west and the Rocky Mountains became his back yard. Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Grizzly Bears and Cougars were added to the list.


"Joining the POPE & YOUNG CLUB really gave me an association with the likes of FRED BEAR and with thousands of other archery hunters committed to the same ethical and wildlife conservation objectives. But when a close friend showed me pictures of his BIG 5, I joined the SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL. In 2004 my dream came true when I achieved the AFRICAN BIG 7."


"When in another country, I am hunting with talented people who really do share the same commitment to wildlife."


Introducing archery hunting is almost always a challenge and a lot of patience and effort for everyone. But it is always worth it, because it is really hunting in the true sense of the word.


"SCI has really given me an international involvement in archery hunting and it has given me friends on six continents."


Archie has hunted six continents with his bow and arrow and many, many times he was the first bow hunter to open the door and enter a country and pursue wild game. He is the first bow hunter to achieve:


* the GRAND SLAM CLUB/OVIS TRIPLE SLAM * the Grand Slam of North American Sheep * the OVIS (12 species of wild sheep) WORLD SLAM and * the CAPRA (12 species of wild goats) WORLD SLAM


Currently he holds 90 SCI Archery world records. "I have done a lot for bow hunting and I like to share my experiences with fellow bow hunters because everyone has dreams, they are just different. Wildlife is one of the most important parts of a hunter's life and that is why hunting preserves and maintains healthy wildlife populations."


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